Measures taken by the Lokrakshak Recruitment Board for transparent and impartial recruitment process:

The Lokrakshak Recruitment Board has undertaken several steps for the transparent, fair and impartial conduct of the whole Recruitment process to make completely free from any irregularity or malpractice. Various measures undertaken by the Lokrakshak Recruitment Board are as follows :

  • 1. For Written Examination, the candidates shall be allotted his/her examination centre not in his/her own district, but in the neighboring district.
  • 2. Generally, in any competitive examination, the questions papers are prepared in four series viz. A,B,C,D, but for the Preliminary Examination, the questions papers will be printed in (30) thirty difference series (Jumbled Questions & Answers). Further, in a room, seating arrangement of maximum 30 candidates have been made and every candidate will get question paper of different series, thereby there will be no possibility for copying or malpractice.
  • 3. For Written Examination, all the candidates will be asked to report two hours prior to the commencement of the exam for his/her biometric registration and prints of his/her index figure of both hands will be taken.
  • 4. Photograph of each and every candidate shall also be taken before the written examination.
  • 5. For the Written Examination, the Board shall select such Exam Centers at the City/District level where the schools/colleges are equipped with CCTVs in the class rooms.
  • 6. The Board has decided to appoint one Videographer at each Exam Centre.
  • 7. For the security of examination material of the written examination, strong rooms have been arranged at the District levels which are equipped with CCTV cameras and such CCTV cameras shall function 24 hours round the clock.
  • 8. Fingerprint verification shall be made at the time of physical examination and verification of documents.
  • 9. Photograph of the candidate will be taken during the physical test.
  • 10. CCTV cameras shall also be installed at all the physical tests centres.
  • 11. R F I D shall will be used during the physical test for measuring running time of any candidate.